Saturday, 26 July 2014


Makeup: Stephanie Law
Photographer: Michael Boon

Ok, so why the awkward pose? I was told by the photographer and director (my sister) that I was not elegant or 'modelly' enough in my photos. I guess I'm the type that prefer to wear shorts/pants over dresses therefore elegant is never in my blood. Don't get me wrong, I do love dresses and skirts but I choose comfort most of the time. So this is probably the best of the lot already. They took some inspired modelling photos and MADE me follow the poses (I had cramps on my waist after this pose LOL). Nevertheless, it was an extremely fun shoot, doing things out of my comfort zone. 

This shoot was done when I was back in Kuching, Malaysia (my hometown <3) during the Chinese New Year. I did this shoot because my bestie (aka my makeup artist) wanted to start her career in make up, but did not know where to start and had no confident in chasing her dream to become a makeup artist. I knew all along make up was her dream and she is extremely talented (as you can see), so I decided to drag her out of her comfort zone. I volunteered to be her 'model' so she can have some photos on her portfolio (At least it is a start!). So everyone! Be Confident and Believe in Yourself is the first step to success.
*Real life I not so chio one* make up can change a person's look completely. This requires skills!
*One of my top picks of the whole 600 over photos?

A close up of my makeup. I was kinda shock initially how thick my make up was, but in photos so freaking amazing. (No edit to the makeup, I only brighten the pic)
 Director say walk you walk!
Off to the next destination! Abit of what 's behind the scene. We just chuck everything on the floor and people were starring at me. They gave me the 'why are you wearing like that in broad daylight face'. Will be posting more photos of my shoot with makeupenvivified and more behind the scene photo with the crew. Keep posted!

Xoxo Go be beautiful ladies!

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  1. Wow you look gorgeous! I think you're a great model despite your inhibitions!