Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lace details

Dress: (Isabel lace dress)
Shoes: Zara

Lace midi has been quite popular so I decided to do a post on it. Everyone know I'm not tall, and short people don't pull off midi's well! I'm abit on the edge with this one, I thought the dress made me look like I have a broader shoulder (which I do) and also make me look shorter (That's how I felt looking in the mirror). BUT! when I look at these photos I thought I look alright and it is something I would wear to weddings and other special occasion. Hmm, so I'm not too sure about this, but let me know in the comment box :)
 *Details of the lace! So gorgeous!
 Just to show you the beautiful view up at the mountain.

Oh, and I have not cut my hair for nearly a year hence why it's this long! Time to cut it off, you will probably see me in short hair in a next few posts.

xx Go be beautiful ladies!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tuesday: Black and White

Top: Twosisters label
Pants: Uniqlo (hands down my fav)
Shoes: Sportsgirl 

Thinking of what to wear to work can be a job itself. I always dress as comfortable as possible to work without being under dress or overdress. 

Some tips to keep in mind when you're looking for a corporate wear:
1) Go for basic tees or tanks which can be worn over and over again. Top I'm wearing has a buckle on the side which gave a plain top some extra details.
2) If you like prints, go for a nice print that is stylish yet subtle. Not something too much.
3) If you are wearing a plain tee, a printed bottom would be nice. (I don't have much printed bottoms, hence I decided to wear my everyday pants)
4) Try vibrant colours (I would have wore a red blazer over this outfit)


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Snuggle up!

This photo was actually a candid test shot photo and I thought it had a 'Winter Sonata' feel to it, or maybe it's just me LOL. Adelaide's weather have been up and down lately, sometimes it goes as low as 2 degrees and high to about 17 degrees (in the city) during winter. It was about 12 degrees when this shoot was taken but then it got extremely windy! Anyways, I decided to do a winter styling for you guys!

Beanie: Sportsgirl 
Knitted sweater: Rosyruby upcoming
Bottoms: Uniqlo
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell look alike :)
Photographer: Norman Chai
 Just a close up of this big fluffy knit. Snuggle up for the cold weather!

 One of the most comfortable heels owned! Hands down! What shoes look good, make you look tall and comfy? This pair of boots is the bomb! I can run and jump in it without feeling any pain. The shoe is cushion inside and the platform definitely helps with comfort. The off shoulder knitted sweater is free size, that's why it look super big and loose on me. BUT! it is meant to be baggy so works well with me. You can wear this top as normal without pulling it off shoulder as well, if you don't like showing too much skin.
* This would have been a nicer photo if my hair wasn't in my face!

Photos were taken by a high school friend of mine (as credited above). Thank you Norman for the photos. Hope both you and Tiff have a safe flight back to Malaysia! Will see you guys soon!