Saturday, 9 August 2014

Lace details

Dress: (Isabel lace dress)
Shoes: Zara

Lace midi has been quite popular so I decided to do a post on it. Everyone know I'm not tall, and short people don't pull off midi's well! I'm abit on the edge with this one, I thought the dress made me look like I have a broader shoulder (which I do) and also make me look shorter (That's how I felt looking in the mirror). BUT! when I look at these photos I thought I look alright and it is something I would wear to weddings and other special occasion. Hmm, so I'm not too sure about this, but let me know in the comment box :)
 *Details of the lace! So gorgeous!
 Just to show you the beautiful view up at the mountain.

Oh, and I have not cut my hair for nearly a year hence why it's this long! Time to cut it off, you will probably see me in short hair in a next few posts.

xx Go be beautiful ladies!

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