Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Post Holiday

Hey all, finally back to Aussie after 2 weeks in Malaysia and Singapore. It has been a week since I got back and still missing Asia (family, friends and food). I go back almost every year but this year I did not only go back for the Chinese New Year, but also to expand my business in Asia! I will do a separate post on my trip and how I turn a dream come true.

I did not do much shopping in Asia as much as I thought I would though. Anyways, I got this new camera lens that I was desperate to try out, so my sister and I decided to take some ootd photos. I got this outfit from Singapore (Top: Forever 21 and Skirt: H&M). Both my top and skirt total up to be around $30aud which is pretty cheap.

I am into stripes this season, like no joke! I have them from sleeveless to long sleeves and from skirts to dresses. Name it and I will have it in my closet. They just go well with almost everything which is why I love!

The thing I love about skater skirts is that it is a 4 season staple piece. I can pair it with leggings during winter and wear it on it's own during summer, spring and autumn! I have almost every colour you can find in the market (call me crazy).

An old clutch from Ted Baker - still my fav to date! You will never go wrong with black.

Question I get asked alot:  'Äre you sure you are in the fashion industry? You dress way too simple, people would never guess you work in the fashion field'.

Good or bad? I don't know.

XOXO beauties!

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