Sunday, 9 November 2014

Life As a Fashion Marketer

Blazer: Thea by Thara
Pants: So in Style
Top: So in Style

Hello everyone! Today's post is about me making a huge step in my career.

People ask me, what do you do after quitting your job? My reply: I do what I love doing. As simple as that. It really isn't about how much I earn, it was more of how much I am learning through the things that made me happy :) I don't want to be spending the rest of my life doing something I don't enjoy just for money. Yea sure, money is important but it isn't everything.

Before giving up my full time job, I really had such a tough time thinking if I made the right choice. Hell YEAH I did! Anyways, I did think about if I quit, I would have no more income. However, I did save up for those years that I was working. So all good!

Here are a few things of what people think about my job and some frequent questions:

1) People think my job is like going shopping *fun and no worries*
People look at me and say omg your job seems so fun, you are surrounded with new clothes everyday! Actual fact: Yes it is fun, but at the same time stressful and mentally tiring. *Tired in a good way*. As a fashion marketer, it is definitely not as easy as you think. To be honest, fashion is not my passion. There is so many things that I think it is so pretty, but it is not something I would wear. I watch runway shows and go, 'hmm, gorgeous dress, but still prefer my slouchy top'.  

2) People think my job let's me travel the world

I do wish that is the case. Not really though, I do travel but not really relaxing. I went to Thailand recently for business and it was fun, but did not have much time for myself. After all, it is a business trip.

3)  Why don't you find a 9am-5pm job?

Hello! I work from 9am to 8pm, or sometimes till 11pm (I do have breaks in between btw). I do not have to be sitting in a 20th floor office to be working 9-5 right? Typical asian mindset: ' Find a good company to work for in the future'. So glad I have supportive parents! There's a huge difference between working for people and working for yourself. See, the thing about my job is that it is time flexible. I can do what ever I need to do according to my own time plan. 

4) Are you not afraid that your business will fail?

Of course I am! Human nature to be afraid of failing no? I guess I believe in myself and my own capability. Have not regretted anything so far and all is going according to plan. You think that working for a company guarantee you won't get retrench or fired? Are you afraid of getting retrench or fired? Same concept applies. I don't have to worry about getting fired unless I fire myself.. hmmm.. which won't happen :) To be honest, I'm a risk taker, I love doing something challenging and that is what makes me stronger.

Ok! Now, I'll just tell you guys what the difference is between me and my friends who are now working in big firms. 

So, I went back to Malaysia a couple of months ago and catched up with a few old friends. I asked how are they coping with their jobs (mainly in Ernst and Young, or some marketing firm). All of them replied, ' Don't ask, I prefer not to talk about it'. 'Every day work until can die! No OT pay somemore' Everyday must submit report etc etc (speaking in Malaysian slang). Like what?! Why so sad??? When my friends ask me the same question, I have so much to say about what I do. What's life if it is so boring and non interesting?

Here are just some photos of me in my casual outfit.
I don't usually wear printed pants, cause I thought I look funny. I prefer one coloured pants, but I think I need to step out of my comfort zone and start wearing something different. These pants are actually so airy and comfy! I don't look that weird in it right?

 This was random, I asked my sis to take a photo of me sitting on this bench and didn't really know how to pose. So yea awkward pose. But this is the closet pic of the printed pants. Didn't bother editing this photo too.

Lastly, a candid shot. :)

xoxo Go be beautiful girls :)

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